Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Update

So, I had a difficult hearing on Friday. I won, but had to be pretty aggressive in my cross-examination of the opposing party. I was only doing my job, and the woman was awful, but sometimes it still makes me feel bad to really call someone out. Let's just say, I wouldn't want to be cross-examined!

So I got home by like 4:30 on Friday afternoon and relaxed while John did yard work. Then we tried to watch the movie, the Book of Eli. It was good, but I fell asleep like 30 minutes in.

Last night, we had a neighborhood party at the pavilion on the soccer field. It's called Chastain Night, and people reserve tables and bring a fancy meal. It's kind of expensive to reserve a table in the pavilion, so we got together with a few other couples and took advantage of lawn seating -- bring your own table and pay $5! One couple kindly brought their Chiminea fireplace, so we were able to stay toasty. It got down to 29 last night! There was live music, and it was a lot of fun.

Today, I'm making a meal for our neighbors who just had their first baby (yes, another one...I think it's something in the water). The menu consists of quiche and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies...and Caesar salad, which I just realized I forgot to get at the store. D'oh.

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Jessica Ducharme said...

Oooooh, looks delicious!!! I guess you found your own recipe for those cookies... sorry, I forgot about that :) I miss you, by the way.