Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Check out this amazing cake my Mom made! The cake itself is orange, with dark chocolate frosting between layers and cream cheese frosting everywhere else. The chocolate straws you see are an Oreo product -- as tasty as it is pretty!

In this photo, I'm frosting two "lambey cakes" John's mom, Mary, sent us for Easter. Mary makes lambey cakes every Easter. I've always been interested in them, and Mary was kind and creative enough to mail me my very own from Ohio this year! The naked lambs arrived swaddled in saran wrap and packed carefully in styrofoam peanuts, perfectly in tact. Everyone loved them! Thanks again, Mary :)


Jessica Ducharme said...

Wow, everything looks so nice! I was so sad that I couldn't be there with you guys. I really missed drinking purple and saying, "Happy Feaster!"

The Sugarbeat said...

In honor of your absence, I did neither without you. I didn't even use the black jelly beans to desecrate Mom's rabbit either.