Friday, September 10, 2010

Long time, no blog updates!

Hello again! This post is for my sister, Jessy, who is understandably sick and tired of seeing that 2 month old photo of Maxwell every time she opens her blog :) Now, she'll get to see a photo of Jude instead!

I hope that everyone has had a great summer! It's hard to believe that it's already September. I was thrilled to wake up last Saturday morning to perfect almost-fall weather (thanks to Hurricane Earl). The temperature was in the 70's, there was basically no humidity, and not a cloud in the bright blue sky. And, it was the start of college football, which normally annoys me, but given the weather, football was just another welcomed indicator that the summer is coming to a close.

Last week, John and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary! John surprised me with half a dozen roses, and an absolutely spotless house! He cleaned everything, like really well, while I was at work. This sounds a little weird even to me, but I can't remember the last time I appreciated something so much. Plus, now I know that John is capable of Grade A housework, which is a gift I hope keeps on giving :)

So, the above photos were taken from my phone (I don't have my camera on me b/c I'm actually making this post from work...Shhhhhhhhh!). The beautiful baby you see is Emily, the brand new daughter of our friends Freddy & Michelle. These are the folks who I threw the baby shower for (I have tons of photos of the shower to post!). John is such a natural with kids. Holding new babies makes me nervous, and before I held Emily for the first time, I made John go over technique with me more than once...there were even a couple demonstrations with the cats! Thankfully, my training paid off -- Emily made it out of my arms completely unscathed :)

More later, I promise!


Jessica Ducharme said...

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Thanks for posting :)

Jessica Ducharme said...

I like your background, too! Blogger has completely redone their template tool, and that's where i got mine from. Hey, did any of the pictures from the wedding turn out good?