Monday, March 22, 2010

Buddy Come Home!

So, the weekend before last, John was driving home from the store and found this little guy walking down the center line of a busy country road. Cars were slowing down to get around him, and when John got within range, he stopped, opened his door, and the dog jumped right in and started licking him! John thought he'd be able to call the numbers on the dog's tag and take him right home, but the vet's office was closed, so we ended up pet sitting for the weekend. We now know this little guy's name to be Buddy. He's a pomeranian, but his owner keeps his fur short for easier grooming. John has been working on his Jeep a lot lately, and Buddy was quite comfortable sitting inside the cab while John tinkered away. The following Monday morning, I got in touch with Buddy's master, a sweet older lady who brought us a delicious cake in exchange for her pup.

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