Thursday, January 14, 2010

Iowa City, SchmIowa City.

Jessy was on break from her Masters program at University of Iowa from December 18-January 15th. It was soooooooo great to have her home! And, we somehow managed to secure her a job as a legal assistant at my law firm for the past two weeks, which increased our hang-out time by a good 80 hours. Of course, the entire law firm loved her, which means the opportunity for summer employment is probably hers for the taking.

So, Jessy returns to Iowa City tomorrow morning. For some reason, I miss her more now that she's in school than I did when I was the one leaving her to go back to NY for law school. Anyway, I hope she's looking forward to a new semester and that I get to visit her there soon!

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Jessica Ducharme said...

Hi, Lauren! I'm testing out your comment section. Let's see if this works... I miss you!!! (and love you lots)